Laying tiles - made easy

Simply lay without gluing

Drytile - ceramic tiles for dry laying

The formula for success

Drytile makes it possible to install a high-quality floor with all the advantages of ceramic. With a cork layer on the back and therefore without the use of adhesive, Drytile can be laid in record time. The system joint specially developed for Drytile rounds off the system for dry installation.
Aufbau Drytile FlieseAufbau Drytile Fliese
Aufbau Drytile FlieseAufbau Drytile Fliese
Aufbau Drytile FlieseAufbau Drytile Fliese
Aufbau Drytile FlieseAufbau Drytile Fliese
Aufbau Drytile FlieseAufbau Drytile Fliese


Solutions for the most diverse challenges


1. specially developed cork layer:
Strong connection, without adhesive

The special feature of Drytile is the specially developed polyolefin-based cork layer. The open-pored surface ensures that the tile adheres firmly to the floor. No mortar bed, no gluing.


The perfect system joint thanks to the all-round edge

The all-round edge of the cork layer automatically creates a narrow and precise system joint. As simple as it is ingenious.


3. grouting, drying and ready for use again in a very short time.

The system's own joint compound is easy to work with. The flooring can be walked on again after 12 hours and the surface is ready for traffic again after 24 hours.

The advantages of Drytile

Easy to lay yourself, without gluing

Drytile tiles can be laid faster than classic tiles in record time. This saves time and money. If individual tiles are damaged or the room concept changes, tiles can be replaced in a matter of minutes. Simply cut open the joints, remove the old tile, insert the new one, grout - done! The Drytile system can be removed without leaving a trace and without damaging the substrate.

  • Without tile adhesive
  • Quick and easy to lay yourself
  • Replaceable, removable
  • Can also be used in rental properties

Ceramic flooring

The Drytile system naturally offers all the advantages of ceramic tiles over other flooring such as laminate or vinyl: they are absolutely lightfast and UV-resistant, odorless and heavy furniture does not leave any pressure marks on them. Ceramic tiles are easy to clean, hard-wearing and non-flammable. This makes them the perfect choice for floors that are subjected to heavy daily use.

  • Robust and durable
  • Reusable and recyclable
  • Easy and quick toclean

Compatible and expandable

Drytile can be optimally installed with underfloor heating systems. It ensures efficient heat transfer, easy installation and interchangeability. Terrace tiles in the same format and design as the interior tiles are available. Complementary skirting boards provide an aesthetic transition between floor and wall.

  • Suitable for underfloor heating
  • Terrace tiles and skirting boards
  • Good impact sound properties


It can look this beautiful


Hygienic surfaces

Healthy living at the highest level thanks to Hytect technology.