The Drytile system

So simple - so ingenious.

Drytile - ceramic tiles for dry laying

The formula for success

Drytile makes it possible to install a high-quality floor with all the advantages of ceramic. With a cork layer on the back and therefore without the use of adhesive, Drytile can be laid in record time. The system joint specially developed for Drytile rounds off the system for dry installation. This saves time, reduces closing times and optimizes construction processes.
Aufbau Drytile FlieseAufbau Drytile Fliese
Aufbau Drytile FlieseAufbau Drytile Fliese
Aufbau Drytile FlieseAufbau Drytile Fliese
Aufbau Drytile FlieseAufbau Drytile Fliese
Aufbau Drytile FlieseAufbau Drytile Fliese


Solutions for the most diverse challenges


1. Specially developed cork layer:
Strong connection, without adhesive

The special feature of Drytile is the specially developed polyolefin-based cork layer. The open-pored surface ensures that the tile adheres firmly to the floor. No mortar bed, no gluing. The result is reduced alternating loads and lower shear forces on the tile and joint.


The perfect system joint thanks to the all-round edge

The all-round edge of the cork layer automatically creates a narrow and precise system joint. As simple as it is ingenious.


3. Grouting, drying and ready for use again in a very short time.

The system's own joint compound is easy to work with. The flooring can be walked on again after 12 hours and the surface is ready for traffic again after 24 hours. The very high edge adhesion combined with high flexibility and high compressive strength gives the joint a certain "joint function", which means that the forces acting on it can be distributed more evenly.

Advantages of the system

Quick to lay, easy to replace and completely removable

Drytile tiles can be laid faster than classic tiles in record time. This saves time and money. If individual tiles are damaged or the room concept changes, tiles can be replaced in a matter of minutes. Simply cut open the joints, remove the old tile, insert the new one, grout - done! The Drytile system can be removed without leaving a trace and without damaging the substrate.

  • Quick and easy to lay
  • Replaceable
  • Short downtimes

Recyclable, emission-free and less waste

Drytile enables dry installation without mortar and adhesive, reducing dirt, dust and waste. The tiles can be dismantled and reused without leaving a trace, which improves their recyclability. Ceramic tiles are made from natural materials and can be recycled to produce new tiles, reducing the use of resources.

  • Emission and dust free
  • Reusable and recyclable
  • Generates little waste

An open system: compatible and expandable

Drytile can be optimally combined with underfloor heating or hollow floor systems. The system ensures efficient heat transfer, easy installation and interchangeability. Terrace tiles in the same format and design are available to match many floor tiles. Complementary skirting boards provide an aesthetic transition between floor and wall.

  • Underfloor heating
  • Hollow floor system
  • Matching terrace tiles and skirting boards
Loadable ceramic substrate

Robust and durable

Ceramic subfloor

The Drytile system naturally offers all the advantages of ceramic tiles over other floors such as laminate or vinyl: they are absolutely lightfast and UV-resistant, odorless and heavy furniture does not leave any pressure marks on them. Ceramic tiles are easy to clean, hard-wearing and non-flammable. This makes them the perfect choice for floors that are subject to heavy daily use.

  • Light and color-fast
  • Shock and bend resistant
  • Flame retardant
  • Acid-resistant

Advantages for all players



  • Significant reduction in construction time:
    Drytile is laid in record time compared to traditional tiling.
  • Completely removable without effort:
    If you want to follow the latest interior design trends or if there is a change of use, you can remove the tiles quickly and easily without leaving any residue or dust.
  • Easy repair of damaged tiles:
    Damaged tiles can be replaced within minutes. Joints can be easily cut open, no drying times for tile adhesive - simply insert the new tile and grout again.


  • Virtually dust-free working:
    Noise, dust and stress are a burden. Drytile system floors require no adhesive and installation is quick and smooth.
  • Minimize warranty claims:
    Due to the constructive decoupling, complaints due to subfloor movement are almost impossible.
  • Opening up new areas of business:
    Drytile makes the tile fit for new areas of application and provides new impetus for trade and crafts. Whether supermarkets, hotels or showrooms: Drytile offers flexibility and speed - and all the advantages of a robust tile covering. Seize the opportunities: Become a Drytile partner!


  • Parallel scheduling of work:
    Drytile system floors can be walked on immediately. This means that other work, such as electrical installation, painting or drywall work, can continue almost without interruption.
  • Easy planning:
    The only requirement for Drytile is a level subfloor. DIN 18202 "Tolerances in building construction" serves as the basis for dimensioning. Planning "for the eye", and not according to rigidly defined separating joints and minimum distances.
  • Innovative installation:
    Efficient, quick and easy to install: The combination of Lindner Group's FLOOR and more® and the Drytile system combines the advantages of a hollow floor system with the uncomplicated installation of a high-quality ceramic floor covering.
technical data

Facts and certificates

Technical data

  • Own Ü-marking
  • Building authority approval: DIBt approval number Z-156.610-1696
  • Emission-tested building product according to DIBt principles
  • Fire behavior: flame-retardant class Bfl - s1 according to DIN EN 13501-1 on solid, mineral substrates (gross density >/= 1350 kg/m³) and on substrates made of wood and wood-based materials (thickness >/= 10 mm, gross density >/= 475 kg/m³)
  • Acoustic and structural decoupling from the substrate (up to 10 dB impact sound reduction value according to ITA Wiesbaden test) | test value according to DIN EN ISO 10140. The actual impact sound insulation achieved must be determined by test laying and measurement on site
  • Disposal (tile incl. cork coating and system joint compound) in accordance with waste code 170904 (DK1 landfill)

Test centers

Technische Hochschule Nürnberg

Nuremberg Institute of Technology

Suitability for underfloor heating

The Technical University of Nuremberg has tested the dynamic behavior of Drytile in comparison to a conventional tiled floor and has come to the conclusion that a Drytile floor heats up only slightly slower. The test certificate is available from us on request.

ITA Wiesbaden

ITA Wiesbaden

Impact sound improvement measure

Depending on the system variant, impact sound reduction values of up to 13 dB can be achieved, according to the results of the ITA Wiesbaden tests.

For copyright reasons, publication on the Internet is not possible, which is why we send the certificate on request.

Otto-Graf-Institut Stuttgart

Otto Graf Institute Stuttgart

Fire protection test

The Research and Materials Testing Institute for the Building Industry at the University of Stuttgart carried out extensive tests on the fire protection of Drytile system floors.

The result: Flame retardant, no smoke development, or Bfl-s1.

The test certificate is available from us on request.

General requirements

When laying large-format tiles - whether in the classic or drytile version - the substrate must have a high degree of evenness. DIN 18202 "Tolerances in building construction" serves as the basis for dimensioning. For higher mechanical loads, we recommend a tolerance of 2 mm over a length of 2 m.

By using suitable levelling compounds, an appropriately level substrate can be prepared for the subsequent laying of the large format tiles.

Our system center will be happy to advise you in detail on the correct substrate preparation.

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